Covid-19 Update

The St. Catharines, Ontario Club has hosted the District III Convention this Past weekend October 1-3 2021.

The next International Convention hosted by the Cleveland Ohio club will be in June 2022.

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St. Catharines Convention photos are available here

What is Gyro?


Gyro is an International  “Fraternity of Friendship” with 118 Clubs and a total of 4400 members across North America. The continent is divided into 11 geographical Districts, with each District having between one and 26 Clubs. Each Clubs has it’s own officers, as does each District and the International

Gyro came into being naturally and spontaneously…as the result of the desire of three college chums to continue the friendships of college days. It was in April of 1912 that the three friends, Paul Schwan, Clarence Handerson and Ed Kagy, meeting together as had been their custom, decided that the unity of their friendship, which ad crystallized through four years of college association in Cleveland, was worthy of perpetuation. They also decided to bring into this unity, networking and other friends whose joining together would stregthen them against the diversified demands of business and other interests that often sever old friendships.

These three Gyro founders felt that nothing could be more satisfying than a friendship extending through life with the very real warmth and affection that usually characterizes the friendship of younger days.

Organized June 24 1912, with constitutuon and by-lawys, the name Gyro was selected, an adaptation from the gyroscope, which is the visible symbol of the Gyro. In a gyroscope wheel both ends of its axis are mounted in a rung. When in rapid rotation, no matter at what angle the axis is placed, the gyroscope will continue to point in the same direction, maintaining it’s poise and power. This balace is retained even though some outside force moves the axis while the gyroscope is already in motion.

The gyroscope principle is controlled power, poise and balance. From this comes the Gyro key words of:


Key Words


Symbolizing the power of friendship in our human relationships.


Demonstrating the steadiness of friends in times of trial


Keeping the balance wheel of friendship forever active in the daily lives of men